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2011 Heaven - Awesome Sauce From the Year That Was

Soon the media waves will be jammed with “Best Of” lists as the last days of 2011 are ripped off the calendar. To get ahead of the curve i’ve decided to create a list of my favorite things from 2011, in no particular order.

Most Helpful Coders

I have a tendency to be a help vampire occasionally, it is a urge i try and suppress where possible. However, I am addicted to smart people and that often leads me down the path of ruination. The people on this list are more helpful and patient than I thought humanly possible. They were always available to answer my often hair-brained and/or panic-stricken questions. This list is not ranked in any particular order:

  • Wayne E. Seguin - For bailing me out on RVM / SM nonsense
  • Michal Papis - For bailing me out on RVM / SM nonsense
  • Vince Toms - For bailing me out on iPhone, Unix, freeBSD and just about any other technical task you can think of

Best Purchases of 2011

  • Breville Barista Express BES860XL machine with grinder I cannot recommend this machine highly enough. I was a barista all through college and have always had a distain for at home expresso machines. The real beauty of this machine is that it gets enough pressure to pull a proper shot, and has a professional grade steam wand, and grinder that can be fine-tuned to boot.
  • Where Good Ideas Come From I am a Steven Johnson fan-boy and his latest offering does not disappoint. It is an enthralling trip through the environments, histories and frames of mind that spark the idea of the next big thing.

Best Audio

Best Time Sink

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