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Meeting Points

The goal of this game is to make attending, scheduling, and running meetings more efficient by making the attendees and facilitators more mindful of their costs. Costs could be linked...

Staying Fresh: How teams can adopt tools and technologies.

The goal of this post is to describe a technology evaluation process which my teams use to try quickly, adopt slowly, unwind strategically.

Decompose Questions For Better Decisions

I find it helpful to decompose questions into buckets to help my decision making.

Stocks and Flows Notation

As I’ve learned about system dynamics I discovered the concept of stocks and flows. Stocks and Flows are useful for simulating the changes of a population over time and it...

What the Lincoln Penny can teach us about leadership

What can the humble Lincoln Penny teach us about leadership? Quite a bit if you know where to look.

Evaluating Mental Models

This post will help you determine if you are applying the right mental model to your problem, and what to do if you are not. What follows is a mental...